Who we are

Everything we do

Sustainability is the core of everything we do. We believe in the beauty of quality-consciousness, great design and that perfect fit. With an ethical approach to fashion, ECHTE products not only consist of high-quality materials tailored to fit the lives of working women. They are also produced with care and respect for our environment and for the people who work for us.


We choose wisely

We have made some serious choices. Choices about which suppliers to use, where to produce and how to treat materials to make slow fashion that will stay in your closet longer. Our journey towards a more sustainable future is driven by a desire to offer you a well-fitted wardrobe consisting of pure and fabulous fabrics. The right choice should be as easy as putting on a great T-shirt.

Only the very best

Changing the fashion industry requires an effort from all of us. We have to rethink every step of our supply chain – from choice of fabric to customer aftercare. We seek long-lasting partnerships with suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability and transparency. It’s like choosing your closest friends. Only the very best is good enough.

A work in progress

Small actions can lead to big changes. For every ECHTE collection that hits the streets, we try to do better. To use more organic cotton, Tencel®, recycled polyester and so on. We even use recycled paper hangers to lessen the demand for new materials and minimise plastic pollution. ECHTE is a movement, and we are a work in progress. The only thing we ask of you is to wear your values.